Scratches and scrapes on vehicles are often unavoidable but need not distract you too much if quickly repaired.
Blemishes on the bodywork of vehicles aren’t just unsightly. If left, they can corrode, rust or spread further, cracking through your paint and making the mark look much more dramatic than it started out. Once any of these have happened, you’ll be looking at a costlier repair bill, so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry and have any imperfections fixed as soon as you are able.

Paint on a car isn’t just a one-coat single-layer ­­­thing. Instead, vehicle bodywork paint is made up of some distinct layers:

Wax Coat: a transparent high-shine finish

Clear Coat: a protective layer above the coloured paint

Paint Coat: actually between two-five paint coats, depending on your car’s manufacturer and the colour used

Primer Coat: a sealant that is applied directly to the vehicle’s body to adhere the paint properly to it.

Scratches and scrapes may affect one or more of these layers – and it’s often difficult to tell which.


There are many ‘DIY’ and quick-fix products available on the market for scratches and scrapes but these can often cause more harm than good and may inflict lasting damaging or a wider problem on the vehicle’s bodywork. Avoid the hassle by going straight to the professionals: who can complete the repair swiftly and without fuss or risk!


SMART Answers treats every bodywork scratch and scrape individually, using industry-proven methods (as you’d find in dealerships) alongside modern technological approaches. Our team of scratch repair experts will leave your previous scratch completely invisible to the eye – no one will ever know it was there!